Saturday, March 25, 2017

Cold War II

Start with a fishing expedition:  Go to The Rachel Maddow Show website and search the Latest Videos list for the 3/21/17 video titled "Russian info-war tactics in US election continue." (You might also wish to watch the 3/20/17 video to which Ms. Maddow refers, "Russia attacks to demonstrate parity with US on cyber-power."  )  Forewarning:  Ms. Maddow tends to open her show with commercial-free explaining-the-news segments that are about 20 minutes long.  But those segments are usually well worth the time--Ms. Maddow is an expert at connecting the dots.

I recently told my husband that I feel as if we've gone back to the "Duck and Cover" days of the 1950s, which I remember quite well from my elementary-school years.  In all seriousness, I haven't heard so much saber-rattling since the fall of the Soviet Union.  Putin is making nuclear noises, and Trump can't even understand why using nukes is a bad idea.  Speaking of nukes, there's also Iran, and the wild card, North Korea.  Having already lived through one cold war, I find all this war talk quite frightening.

Am I the only who thinks that increasing the U.S. military budget at the expense of other programs (such as environmental protection or health care) is problematic, and that expanding and modernizing the U.S. nuclear capacity is insane?


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